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Providing on-demand access to patient data right in the doctor's workflow, no matter what EHR system the provider is on - Grapevine is data without borders.


Today’s evolving challenges have led us to invent a better tomorrow.

Your Challenges

Health care in the U.S. is rapidly transitioning from volume to value-based care, requiring health care organizations to take accountability. 

Your organization needs a fast, secure, cost-effective way to share patient data across multiple locations of care. 

Our Solutions

Engage believes data belongs to the patient and provider. Timely sharing of patient information across multiple locations can inform decision-making at the point of care, helping to avoid readmissions and medication errors, improve diagnoses and decrease duplicate testing.

Imagine every health care provider in the U.S. connected to a medical data distribution utility that provides on-demand access to patient data right in the provider’s workflow, no matter the EHR system.

Using a sophisticated patient-matching algorithm, Grapevine can match patients across disparate EHR platforms and provide patient data at the time of care, without the use of external portals, data warehouses and redundant security authorizations.

Unlike regional health information exchanges, Grapevine is national. It is not a portal, but rather a utility that puts data where it is needed. Grapevine is completely agnostic and built on industry-accepted standards. It will work for all healthcare organizations by eliminating bottlenecks created by systems that don’t talk to each other.

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